Ulcerative Colitis Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on SCD Diet and Ulcerative Colitis in Pakistan

Ulcerative Colitis mai bar bar pochay gai sawalaat ur un kai jawabaat



What are different types of Ulcerative colitis?

Ulcerative colitis ki kon kon si types hoti hain?


Please see this figure:

Jab kisi ko Ulcerative Colitis hota hai tu uss mai bari aant ka kuch portion involve hota hai. Har aik insaan ka different portion involve ho sakta hai depending upon ke usko kis severity ka colitis hai. Mild cases mai sirf rectal region involve hota hai. Ye wo patients ki category hoti hain, jo remission mai non scd cheezen, like rice, and wheat tolerate kar letay hain, aur SCD diet mai sai taqreeban sari hi cheezen tolerate kar letay hain. Next type mai rectum and sigmoid colon both involve hotay hain. Ye patients bi remission mai kafi cheezen tolerate kar letay hain, lekin SCD mai sai kuch cheezen nai kar patay. Next type mai Descending colon bi involve ho jati hai. Iss tara ka colitis ko “Distil Colitis” yani “left sided colitis” bi kehtay hain. Iss category kai logon ko khanay mai ziada bai ehtiyati karnay sai flare kai chances ziada ho jatay hain. Lekin agar apni diet mai control rakhain tu kafi lambay arsay kai liey remission achieve kar saktay hain and kuch non scd cheezen bi use kar saktay hain. Lekin SCD cheezon mai sai sab nai tolerate hoti. Kuch patients ki Transverse Colon bi involve ho jati hai. Ye wo patients hain, jinn ki condition kafi difficult hotti hai aur unko extra ordinary care karni parti hai, aur inka flare bi kafi extended period kai liey hota hai. Lekin iss condition ko bi SCD diet mai sai kuch cheezen kam kar ke kafi control mai rakha jata hai. Finally kuch patients ki ascending colon bi involve ho jati hai, jiss ko “Pancolitis” kaha jata hai. Ye patients bi non scd cheezon kai sath bilkul chance nai lai saktay warna aik dum flare honay ka chance barh jata hai… iss case mai bi boht sari SCD cheezen tolerate nai ho pati, aur sirf SCD mai kuch cheezen hi khai jaa sakti hai.

Tu iss mai understand karnay ki baat ye hai keh, har aik insaan ki specific condition kai hisaab sai, usko zaroori nai hai ke har SCD cheez hi tolerate ho. Ye uski UC type par kafi depend karay ga. Tu SCD diet mai train hona parta hai, ye hisab rakhna parta hai ke kon si cheez tolerate ho rahi hai aur kon si nahi. Iss liey iss ka best tareeqa ye hai ke apnay pass aik copy pen rakahin aur uss mai note kartain jain ke konsi cheez ziada dafa problem karti hai, aur konsi nai. Jo ziada problem karti hai, uss ka istimal bi ussi hisab sai kam kar dain.

SCD diet sirf unhi logon ko faida de sakti hai jo pehlay iss ki theory ko understand karain, phir apnay aap ko iss kai ooper train karain. Agar koi hit and trial par chalta rahay ga tu SCD diet usko ziada benefit nai de gi. Kionke SCD diet boht ahista ahista apna kaam kar rahi hoti hai. Iss liey agar ziada arsay isko aik discipline tareeqay sai follow kia jai, tabhi ye faida ponchai gi, warna nai. Just like aik pilot ko new jahaz mai bithanay sai pehlay training simulator par train hona parta hai… tabhi wo uss jahaz ka faida utha sakta hai


Kia colonoscopy kai alawa koi aisa test hai jiss sai colon ki inflammation ka pata chal sakay?


calprotectin test shows the severity of colon inflammation and infection and helps to access and monitor treatment and disease. 


Chugtai labs kartay hain

cost 3800.


IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) and IBD (inflammatory Bowl Disease) mai kia farq hai?
What is the difference between IBS and IBD?


IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) ka matlab hai ke digestive system ko sahi kam karna chahiye, lekin wo nai kar pata, kionke uss mai koi functional disorder ho jata hai. Issi liey IBS mai “IBS” mai word disease nai ata aur nah hi word inflammation aata hai, kionke IBS mai ulcers, inflammation, aur bari aant ko damage nai hota.

IBD (Inflammatory Bowl Disease) mai bari aant mai inflammation hoti hai aur ulcers bantay hain. Ab IBD ki mukhtalif types hai, for example, Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis (aur in some cases Diverticolitis as well).

IBS ko kesay diagnose kia jata hai?
Iss kai liey mukhtalif tarah kai tests perform kia jatay hain, for example:

The tests that are especially relevant to the evaluation of IBS symptoms may include:

Blood Tests – A complete blood count is often done to check for anemia and other abnormalities. Others include a test for tissue damage or inflammation, and a test for celiac disease.

Stool Tests – Most commonly these check for a bacterial infection, an intestinal parasite, or blood in the stool.

Sigmoidoscopy or Colonoscopy – Visual examinations of the rectum and a portion or all of the large bowel (colon) performed with a scope. Usually done when there are alarm signs such as rectal bleeding or weight loss, or as part of diagnostic screening for colon cancer after age 50.

Barium Enema – Examines the large bowel, after being coated with barium, performed by taking x-rays. This test has for the most part been replaced by colonoscopy. Women who are pregnant or unsure whether they are pregnant should tell their physician, as this test should not be done in such cases.

Psychological Tests – Questionnaires that detect anxiety, depression, or other psychological problems may be used to supplement the evaluation.

Miscellaneous Tests – Other tests may be done depending on specific aspects of an individual’s illness, especially atypical symptoms or alarm signs. However, many people do not require these other tests.

Miscellaneous Other Tests
Test Purpose
Anorectal manometry To measure the function of muscles and nerves of the anus and rectum
Blood biomarker profile To distinguish IBS from other medical disorders. This test is available but requires refinement to achieve sufficient accuracy for routine screening evaluation
Capsule endoscopy An accurate way to detect Crohn’s disease or other abnormalities of the small intestine
Colonic transit To measure the rate of movement of contents in the colon
Hydrogen breath test To detect lactase deficiency (lactose intolerance)
Lactulose/glucose breath test To detect bacterial overgrowth syndrome
Upper GI X-ray (barium)

Taqreeban issi tarah kai tests IBD kai liey bi kia jatay hain.

Start mai IBS and IBD mai differentiate karna mushkil hota hai especially jab tak bleeding na start ho. Iss liey baz dafa aisa bi hota hai keh agar kisi doc nai IBS diagnose kia hai, kionke usko bleeding nai ho rahi, aur doc nai colonoscopy bi nai ki, lekin wo asal mai IBD tha, tu phir proper medicine na use karnay sai, IBS convert ho kar IBD ban sakta hai.


aap ko ulcerative colitis kaisay hoi, aur aap nai kaisay apnay symptoms ko control kia?

How did you get the ulcerative colitis, and how you controlled your symptoms?


abi tak ye nahi pata chal saka ke konsi cheez immune system ko activate karti hai jiss sai wo jaa kar colon kai cells damage karnay shoro kar deta hai. Iss mai mukhalif theories hain, aur hai aik ke experiences different hain. Kuch kai khiyal mai ye stress ka role hai, kuch kai khiyal mai ye bacterias sai trigger hota hai.

Aksar jab aap doctor kai pass jao gai tu aap sai kahay ga:

“khana peena sai kuch nai hota”

Unfortunately doctors ap ko ziada tar yehi batatay hain aur phir boht sari high dose steroids and anti-stress medicines pakra detay hain. Ap log zaroor aik book Breaking the Vicious Cycle study karain kionke wo shayad apkay doc sb nai study nai ki ho gi, isley aksar docs ko UC mai diet kai role ka nahi pata hota.

Here is my complete story, how I got UC, how I started SCD, what challenges I faced while on SCD, how I slowly started including different things in my diet, which medicines and multivitamins I was taking, and so on

My Story of Ulcerative Colitis


SCD Diet mai kia kia kha saktay hain?


Neechay walay link par aik SCD Diet kai istimal karnay ka diet chart given hai jo ye batata hai ke kis condition mai kia cheez khani chahiye

SCD Diet Chart


How I got healed from using SCD?


I began by reading a good book named SCDLifeStyle Thriving…. . I purchased it in 2013, when I got severe case UC. While I was reading this book, I saw this book was referring to another book at various places. That was the book that was written by Elain Gotshal, the inventor of SCD diet. Then, I ordered that book “Breaking the Vicious Cycle (BTVC)” and read it all. The good thing I liked about the book BTVC was it explained the “logic” why SCD diet has ability to reduce symptoms of UC. The recipe section of book is a bit difficult to follow, as every one’s disease level and tolerance to even SCD “legal” foods is difficult. And this is also most challenging part, as at this stage, most people get disappointed and quit SCD. I managed to overcome this stage by maintaining a food diary to see which foods of SCD legal list I was able to tolerate, and which were problematic, by adding one food at a time, and then rotating. I remember, even the intro diet proposed in SCD was not well tolerated to me, as soup was giving me lot of gas and carrots, cheese, etc. I did not tolerate well. I was relying on chicken, that had to be boiled first and then broiled (baked). As soon as I started SCD, I started losing weight, and overall, I lost 10 kg, my bones were visible. This weight loss continued till a time came, when use of SCD controlled my diarrhea and blood loss. Eventually, the things got on the right track and the “vicious cycle was broken”, and I started gaining weight. It was hell difficult to control myself, as craving for sweet and wheat was getting higher, with steroids being fuel on the fire. I realized I have to overcome this, as it was test of patience, like a drug addict suddenly stopped from drugs. I think my long prayers, and daily Quran recitation of Surah Rehman, Surah Yasin, Surah Waqia, and Surah Mulk gave me that patience. And, finally, in my personal experience, the SCD diet effects on a person who has a strong belief on it, and that belief is established by studying it. The second thing required is the strong motivation. For me the motivation was to get healed as quickly as possible as I was very close to the finish line of PhD from USA. So that motivation and will-power helped me in strictly restraining myself from using SCD illegal items. However, it was never a smooth sailing. It was journey with lot of ups and downs. I used to feel good 2 days and bad for next 3 days. It was progress in inches. Four steps forward, three steps backwards. In initial days I used to get disappointed/depressed quickly, and often I used to question myself “why SCD is not working on me?” Why got diarrhea again, and having fine tummy for two days, and so on. I kept studying to know answers of many unanswered questions, whose answers were not there in BTVC book. I joined the yahoo group of BTVC-SCD, and started reading people queries, and their responses by SCD experts and veterans. This helped me taking right decision, learning from the mistakes of others. Then, with more and more knowledge, I got a training of how to avoid a flare, and how manage it if it occurs.


Mucus kia hota hai aur issay kaisay khatam kia jai?


Hamari bari ant mai “mucus membranes” hoti hain, jinn ka kam mucus produce karna hota hai. Mucus aik slippery liquid hota hai, jiss ka kam ye hai ke woh bari ant sai guzarnay wali cheez ko asani sai slip (guzar) kar sakay. Aik healthy insan ki antain bi mucus peda karti rehti hain. Lekin jab UC hota hai tu mucus membranes kai ander inflammation (sozish) ho jati hai, aur un mai small ulcers ban jatay hain. In ulcers sai khoon rista hai, aur pus aati hai. Aisi haalat mai mucus membranes normal sai ziada mucus peda karna shoro kar deti hain, jo ke hamain nazar anay shoro ho jata hai. Basically bari aant mucus apnay difaa mai peda karti hai takay jo bi cheez us mai sai uski zakhmi halat mai guzray tu usko ko ziada nuqsan na ponchai. Tu conclusion ye hai ke mucus ka matlab hai ke bari aant bemar hai aur uss mai chotay chotay ulcer ban rahay hain.
jab bari aant ziada mucus peda kar rahi hoti hai tu usska aik nuqsan bi hota hai…. wo dawai nai absorb karti. Kionke mucus shield kar raha hota hai, aur dawai ant kai cells mai enter nai ho pati. Yehi waja hai, ke aksar patients ko kharab haalat mai dawai asar nai kar rahi hoti. Uss kay 2 solution hain. Aik tu forun immune system ko shut down kia jai jo ke mucus membranes ko damage kar raha hota hai. Aur dosra solution ye hai ke uss cheez ko shut down kia jai jo ke immune system to active kar rahi hoti hai ya hyper kar rahi hoti hai. Wo cheez hai bad bacterias sai nikalnay wali poison, jiss ko ham english mai “toxins” bi kehtay hai. Ab iss bad bacteria kai ooper aksar antibiotics asar nai kartin, aur doosra masla ye ho jata hai ke antibiotics sath good bacteria ko bi maar deti hai, jo healthy aant kai liey zarori hota hai. Tu uss bad bacteria ko marna ka aik ziada behtar tareeqa ye hai ke uski khorak band ki jai. Yahan par phir SCD diet ka role aata hai ke jab ham SCD wali cheezen khatay hain, tu wo bad bacteria ko khoraq nai detin. Jiss sai aahista aahista bad bacteria ki quantity kam ho jati hai. Jab bad bacteria kam ho jata hai, tu immune system bi settle honay shoro ho jata hai, aur phir wo bari aant ko damage karna bi kam kar deta hai. Yehi waja hai jo log medicine kai sath, diet mai bi extreme care kartay hai, unki recovery nisbatan quick hoti hai, aur unko next generation medicines nai khani partin.


kiya waqt k sath SCD diet ko proper follow karne se, colon ka ya rectum ka part heal hota hai?? Agr hota hai waqt k sath tou kiya heal hone k baad jo cheezien hum tolerate nahi kar paa rshe hote hein..wo tolerate baad me kar sakte hein??

Heal hone k baad agr tolerate ho b rahi ho…tou humien kese pata chalega k wo humare colon ko nuqsan nahi de rahi? Ulcers nahi ban rahe uski wajah se??


Mai SCD Diet ki book Breaking the Vicious Cycle kai kuch paragraphs paste karta hon:
Ye Book ki author apni daughter kai baray mai keh rahi hai:

“In 1958, we took our eight year old daughter to the Drs. Haas. Three years before she had been diagnosed by specialists as having incurable ulcerative colitis and her condition was deteriorating. The years of treatment with
cortisone and sulfonamides, plus innumerable other medical approaches, had been unsuccessful and surgery seemed imminent. The Drs. Haas placed her on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and within two years she was free of symptoms. She returned to eating normally after another few years, and has remained in excellent health for over twenty years.
Many students, friends, and others whom I have seen in my practice who were suffering from ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease (not cured by a gluten free diet), diverticulitis, and various types of chronic diarrhea have tried the Haas Diet and most of them are now free of their respective diseases.”
“Many cases of celiac disease, spastic colon, and diverticulitis, appear to be cured by the end of a year. Other disorders such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis take much longer with the minimum time of two years on the diet. A rule of thumb is to stay on the diet for at least one year after
the last symptom has disappeared.”

Ab jo log tu boht hi ziada strict SCD follow kartay hain, wo recover ho jatay hai, ya phir bilkul complete remission mai chalay jatay hain, provided that wo sath maintenance dose bi lai rahay hon. Tu wo non SCD cheezen tolerate kar saktay hain.

Lekin ziada tar log itni strict SCD diet nai follow kartay, yahi diet mai cheat kartay hain, iss liey unki kai symptoms bi completely disappear nai hotay.

Ab mai apna experience apkai ke sath share kar sakta hon ke, aik time tha jab mai anaar ka juice and potato chips touch bi nai kar sakta tha. Lekin ab remission mai, ye donon mai tolerate kar leta hon aur symptoms bi nai kharab hottay.

Lekin kuch cheezen phir bi aisi hoti hai jinn sai meri symptoms kharab honay lagtay hain. For example, agar mai rotti start karon tu mujay aik dam kuch nai ho ga, lekin phir burning sai symptoms start hona shoro hon gai, e.g., gas, diarreha, cramping. Ab ye wo time ho ga jab mujay idea ho jai ga ke ye cheez meray ooper sahi nai chal rahi. Agar mai continue karon ga tu phir painful cramps, and gas, phir next stage par diarreha, aur uss sai next stage par bleeding ho sakti hai.

Tu ham nai apnay initial symptoms ko observe karna hai aur phir wahi par uss cheez ko stop kar dena hai jo masla kar rahi hai.

Hamnay nai SCD diet mai Vicious Cycle ko break karnay ki trick seekhni hai. Jiss ka matlab ye hai, ke ham forun wo cheez use karna stop kar dain, jo ke bad bactera ko feed kar rahi hai, jis sai immune system activate ho raha hai, aur colon ko damage kar raha hai.


How quickly the SCD diet can heal?


Think in terms of months/years and not days/weeks. I’d suggest re-evaluating again after being on the diet for 6 months. I continued to have UC symptoms for the first 1.5 years on SCD. Be patient. the diet works, but your body needs time to heal itself.

Only introduce 1 thing every 4 days

Personally, I also consider yogurt to be ‘advanced’. I do better with probiotic pills.


What is SCD Diet?

SCD Diet mai kia hota hai?


“Any thing” made up of wheat, corn, rice, barley, sugar, milk, tea, coffee must be avoided. Here is the complete list of legal/illegal items

SCD Legal/Illegal Item List

But pls note that, depending upon your disease type and current status you may NOT tolerate all the items presented in this list. You will have to create your own “safe zone” of foods, by trying one item at a time and noting down the reaction into a register.

Here, I made a page in Urdu of items that can be tried:

Ulcerative Colitis in Urdu

Here are some guidelines of which food item can be tried at which stage:
(However, never take carrots and apple):

Diet Stages on Pecanbread

In URDU follow this diet chart:

Diet Stages in Urdu

After you will be on SCD, in a few days, the “Vicious Cycle” will break and bad bacteria in your colon causing UC symptoms will begin to die, due to starvation, as they are not getting the illegal items to feed on. When such bacteria die in huge numbers, they release a poison (toxin) in large quantities at time of their death. With increased quantities of these toxins, your symptoms will deteriorate again, you will feel lot of weakness, muscular pains, starvation feeling, and in some cases diarrhea. You may feel worried and think that perhaps SCD diet is reacting you. This condition is known as “die off symptoms”. This is the time of make and break, as many people lose heart and quit SCD. However, die off symptoms don’t last longer, and after you overcome those, you are set on remission track.

Here are details about die off symptoms:

Die-off Symptoms

Some people may experience constipation after beginning SCD. Here are the solutions for that:

Constipation Solution



When to introduce new foods in SCD?


It really depends on the individual’s condition. Some people have mild case of UC so they can begin with advanced items in vegetables. Some have severe case, so the advanced items from the “SCD Legal” list may not tolerate them well. On the following page are some stages defined. However, I would suggest not to “touch fruits” initially.
The safest way I found is begin with squashes, “kaddos, and tindas, torris, ghia toris” etc as they tolerate really well. Add chicken meat in food. Then if the things go fine, add one next item at one time and wait to see its results. If it is tolerating, add the next food item.

Here are some general principles:

Add one food item at one time, and note in a diary how it reacted.
if it does not increase diarreha, then mark it in “safe zone” of your foods
Then pick the next vegetable and try it, and repeat above two steps.

Diet Chart in Urdu

On this page, I mentioned some recipes that are in the safer zones:

Click here for safer foods

I think the only hard and fast rules about the diet have to do with what’s legal and what’s not. The timing of when legal foods are introduced is really up to the individual. There are recommendations — the intro diet, when to introduce more advanced foods like raw fruits and vegetables and nuts, stages/phases, etc. — that are based on observation of what generally works and what generally doesn’t. But the timing of when to introduce foods is really up to the individual.

the carrots, celery etc in the chicken broth is for flavour not for healing. Fats aren’t disallowed at the beginning of the diet, I think it’s just generally recommended to go easy on them at the beginning because your gut is going to be going through a lot of changes, and some people don’t do as well on a high-fat diet (especially if that’s a substantial change from what they were eating).


makhan mean butter kah skta hn kia?


Aksar milk (jiss sai butter banta hai) pure nahi hota iss liey na use karain tu behtar hai Pakistan mai zaida tar doodh mai formalin mili hoti hai jo carcinogenic hoti hai, means cancer causing.

Kuch butters achay hotay hain aur wo ap flare kai alawa try kar saktay hain. Butter mai sugar nai mili honi chahiye

Maslan ye wala


Kaddo kaisay khanay chihye


spoon kai sath, jaisa tasweer mai nazar aa raha hai. Chicken bi use kar saktay hain:


pakanay ka tareeqa ye hai:
SCD Diet Recipes in Urdu


ulcerative colitis mai nashtay mai kia khana chahiye?

What to eat in breakfast in UC?


mai nashtay mai fried egg jiss mai thora boht omelete wala material hota hai, bagher dhania kai use karta hon (2 eggs). Aur sath kado ya tori ka salan, aur occasionally chicken pieces.

Yad rahay ke anda sirf uss waqt istimal karain jab ap ki dose minimum par aagai ho aur steroids na user kar rahay hon

mai din ko kuch nai khata

raat ko tori ya kaddo, and chicken, and aur potato chips (chips sirf us waqt agar mai minimum dose par hon aur tabiyet boht theek ho. Chips SCD mai lega nai hain)

kaddo, anda, aur Lagnese Honey. (Squash, egg, Organic Honey)

The egg does not contain red chillies, dhania, and payaz. Don’t use egg and honey if your condition is not good, means diarrhea, bleeding, is continued.


Any herbal supplements available in Pakistan and where.

Any homeopathic treatment of UC?


Extra virgin olive oil,

In the beginning, when condition is bad

1 table spoon early morning on empty stomach and 1 table spoon right after food

when condition becomes a bit stable

2 table spoons early morning empty stomach and 2 at night after food

Olive leaf extract is also very good and excellent results, especially against UC due to amoeba. Here it is: Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extra you can also make by washing, drying, and then grinding the healthy leaves of olive tree.

aap olive leaf extra olive kai paton ko dho kar, sukha kar aur grind kar ke bi bana saktay hain



Medicine khali pate lain ya nahi?


Har medicine ki requirement different ho sakti hai. Ye medicine kai required pH scale per probably depend karta hai. UC ki medicines mai Delzicol, Asacol, Lialda, Pentasa, and Apriso, etc. hoti hain. USA mai jab mujay delzicol di gai tu instructions thi keh 1 hour before food ya 2 hours after food lain. Maqsad ye tha ke jab medicine jai tu khali colon par ja kar effect karay. I think pentasa kai literature mai likha hai ke with food lain.

Ye information online available hai:

How to take

Follow all directions on your prescription label and read all medication guides or instruction sheets. Use the medicine exactly as directed.

Take Asacol HD on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.

Lialda should be taken with a meal.

Other brands of mesalamine can be taken with or without food. Follow your doctor’s instructions or the directions on your medicine label.


SCD mai hamain kia cheezen istimaal nai karni chahiyen and uski kia waja hai?


SCD diet mai, roti, chawal, wheat, corn, rice, allowed nahi hota. Wheat and corn sai bad bacteria ki khorak banti hai. Jab bad bacteria ziada hota hai, tu wo immune system ko activate kar deta hai, aur immune system large intestine ko damage karnay shoro kar deta hai. Agar hum proper diet na use karain tu bad bacteria banta hi rehta hai, aur kam nahi hota. Yehi waja hai, ke phir medicine full dose lainay kai bawajood bi ziada effective nahi rehti. Tu sab sai pehlay aap nai bad bacteria ko kam karna hai, jo kai SCD Diet sai kam ho ga.
iss page par UC diet kai baray mai likha hai, aur kia kia khana chahiye, ap isko follow karain:

Ulcerative Colitis in Urdu

aur iss page par likha hai, ke SCD diet mai kia allowed hai aur kia nai khanay mai:

Legal / Illegal List of Foods


Which enema is better (konsa enema behtar hai)


mesalamine (asacol/mesacol) enema comparatively behtar hai steroidal enema kai muqablay mai. Aksar logon ko steroidal enema sai reaction ho kar bleeding ki shikayat hoi hai.
Rowasa enema

Asacol anema lahore sy jinah hospital k samny green pharmacy ki lab hy wahan sy mil jaty hain
aur ye 4g hota hy 60ml mai
1 night ko ly skty hain

enema Sehat.com.pk waley bnwa kr dety hain… Fazal.din walo sai bi milta hai… U CAN order online Hydrocortisone (steroidal) kai enema sai akar logon ka reaction ho jata hai aur bleeding shoro ho jati hai


What is SCD Diet? and How does it actually work?



SCD Diet Info


Flare kia hota hai?
What is flare?


Flare ka ka matlab hai ke jab UC kai symptoms kharab ho jain aur pait mai maror, aur/ya  diarreha, aur/ya bleeding, aur/ya cramping feel ho rahi ho.

Flare sai nikalnay ka aik hi tareeqa hai keh strictly diet par control kia jai aur SCD diet chart ki stages kai mutabiq khorak istimal ki jai aur dawai regular li jai. Diet chart aur stages kai liye yahan click karain


UC ki minimum medicine dose kia hai?

What is the minimum medicine dose in UC?


UC mai medicine kabi nai chor saktay warna dobara shadeed flare ho sakta hai aur medicine chornay sai fistula (intestine kai ander blockage) and cancer bi ban sakta hai.

Minimum dose of Pentasa: 500 mg morning, 500 mg afternoon, 500 mg night


Minimum dose of Mesacol 400 mg morning, 400 mg afternoon, 400 mg night.


Behtar ye hai ke medicine khanay sai one hour pehlay li jai.


UC mai kia cheez khani chahiye aur kia cheez nahi?

What to eat and what not to eat when on SCD Diet in UC?


Here is the complete list of legal and illegal items in SCD:

SCD legal/illegal foods


Kia antibiotics khani chahiyen?

Does antibiotics have any effect on UC?


Use of Antibiotics in Ulcerative Colitis

In some scenarios, antibiotics are unavoidable, e.g., surgery, or some severe infection etc. In that case, the antibiotics also disturb the colon, and this is established fact. So as precautionary measures, the “probiotics” are recommended to avoid having flare. The SCD specific probiotics are those that contain acidophilus bacterium. The following is an example of what I used: SCD probiotics

In Pakistan, the best alternative (but probably non SCD specific) that I am using is “Gutcare” that contains the similar strains of acidophilus.

There can be some situations where antibiotics can be avoided, by showing some patience, e.g., in case of sore throat. I never use antibiotics for sore throat or chest infections, as when a person has such infections, the immune system is already hyper. So use of antibiotics in such circumstances can cause a flare with high probability. The remedy for sore throat etc is to wear extra warm clothes, and avoid cold exposure as much possible, and use olive fruit. Extra virgin olive oil is also very effective in cold that really boosts immune system. Initially, it may be a bit challenging to fight sore throat without antibiotics, but if you control yourself and avoid antibiotics, the immunity will become stronger, and you will stop feeling pain in throat whenever the cold will attack you. And, in case of flu, the antibiotics are anyways useless. So the conclusion is that instead of panicking, wait a bit, and let your immune system fight in case of cold and fever. Thanks.

Remedy for sore throat without using antibiotics

In traditional practice when a person get sore throat and he/she visits a doctor, the doctor prescribe antibiotics. This is especially so common in Pakistan that doctors immediately prescribe patients with 3rd generation high potency antibiotics for minor problems. Since antibiotics have quick affect (at the cost of side effects), so patients become satisfied and happy on using them. In majority of the patients who suffer from UC, the main reason behind the ulcer formation in colon are antibiotics. For UC patients, the antibiotics are very dangerous as they may lead to bleeding of colon and ulcers. Some days ago, I got a very bad attack of flu, followed by fever and sore throat. For fever I relied on Panadol (paracetmol) and for runny nose, I used chicken soup. However, I was finding it difficult to get rid of pain in the throat pain. Finally, I found a remedy for that and when I used that, miraculously, my throat pain was gone within a single night.

In our home, there is an olive tree. The olive tree has green olive fruits. I detached some olive fruits, washed them and ate them one at a time after lying in bed at night. The taste was not that pleasant and when the juice touched the sore part of my throat, it had some burning sensation. However, I tolerated the pain and taste, and later slept. When I got up in the morning for Fajr prayer, it was difficult for me to locate what place was actually hurting in my throat. The pain was magically gone. This is just one example of sore throat. In normal days as well, I use extra virgin olive oil (2 or 3 table spoons a day) for my UC care and especially when I am doing some physical exercises.

According to an online source, it has been observed that regular use of olive significantly reduces the chances of getting cancer.

If Olive can do such wonders, then that is no surprise, because olive is mentioned as “Blessed Tree” in Quran by Allah Almighty in Surah Noor:-

“Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things.” https://quran.com/24/35


Pakistan mai konsi probiotic istimal karain?

Which probiotic to use in Pakistan?


Gutcare should be used. Here is picture. However, do not use it daily, use after 48 hours or more, otherwise it will start reacting. Secondly, gutcare also has traces of sugar in it. So if you are in a condition of severe flare, gutcare is not advisable, as sugar in it can further spoil the condition.


Meri tabiyat boht kharab hai, forun kia karon?

I am feeling too much sick, what should I do immediately


You should immediately quit wheat and rice, eat squashes. Cooking procedure is here: Click Here

Aap forun gandum aur makai chor dain, aur kaddo khain. Pakanay ka tareeqa ye hai: یہاں پر کلک کریں


agar wheat aur rice nai khain tu kia khain?

If I should not eat wheat and rice, then what else should I eat?


Check these links, inn par aur cheezen bananay kai tareeqay hain jo SCD specific hain

The following links contains cooking methods of SCD specific food

Neechay diay gai 2 links SCD ki mukhtalif dishes bananay ka tareeqa bata hain.




SCD diet ki book kai bara may batain?

Please tell more about the book of SCD Diet?


This book is “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” is great to read.

There are some additional sources one may need to practically implement the ideas presented in the book.

The first is the group of people who are following the diet mentioned in the book. This is a yahoo group where you can send any type of SCD related query and get answers from the expert in the diet. I have seen emails of many people from this group who got 100% recovered from UC by using SCD diet and now are back on normal diet.

Here is the URL of the group: SCD Yahoo Group

The second is the summary of legal and illegal list of items mention in this book. Here is the URL:

Legal / Illegal List of foods

The third is the stages of SCD diet, like what item to take/introduce when. However, caution is required as this may vary from person to person. Here is the URL:

Pecanbread Stages

In Urdu, follow these stages:

SCD Diet Chart in Urdu

This book is very good in explaining the theory, however, it is difficult or lacks a bit at practical side. For example, it recommends the usage of cottage cheese, or almond cake, and such items are very difficult to cook in Pakistan. Therefore, the page I shared in Urdu/English is meant to do the things that are easy to do in Pakistan.

SCD Diet kai mutabiq cake kasiay bana saktay hain?

SCD Kai mutabiq cakes

Jab mainay SCD diet shoro ki, tu meray liey sab sai bara aur difficult challenge rotti ko chorna tha. Mujay rotti kai baghair faqay ki si feelings hoti thi. Especially, jab aap kai ander sai bad bacteria mar raha hota hai, tu wo brain ko signal bhejta hai ke kissi tareeqay sai unko ko unqi khoraaq rotti ki shakal mai ponchay. Aur phir agar ap steroids bi kha rahay ho tu rotti ki bhook aur bi double ho jati hai. Aisi condition mai, aksar bhai wapis rotti khanay shoro ho jatay hain, jiss sai unki bleeding diarreha waghera settle nahi hota. Iss tara kai haalaat mai phir SCD diet hamain aik solution provide karti hai, jiss mai ham SCD kai mutabiq cakes bana kar khaa saktay hain. Ye cake apko rotti kai muqablay mai, na honay kai braber takleef detay hain,… aur jahan tak mera experience hai, jitta arsa mainay ye cake khai, mujay kabi bleeding etc nahi hoi, kionke inn mai koin non-SCD cheez nahi hai. Doosra faida ye hai, ke agar ap kisi safar par jaa rahay hain, tu aap ye cake bana kar sath le jaa saktay hain, jiss sai apko hotels mai non-SCD cheezen nai khani parain ge.

Yahan mai SCD kai mutabiq cake bananay ka tareeqa share kar raha ho. Ap apni condition kai mutabiq shoro mai anday aur honey ki quantity kam kar saktay hain. (Ye tareeqa mainay Breaking the Vicious Cycle book sai liay hai aur usko mazeed safe bananay kai liey modify kia hai)

Akhroton ka cake bananay ka tareeqa: (aap pecan bi istimal kar saktay hain jo ziada behtar hai)

1. Aik baray cup mai akhrots lain, aur unko achi tara grind karain takay powder form mai aa jai

2. Adha cup extra virgin olive oil lain

3. Three chamach honey (organic, unpasteurized… agar nai milta tu aur kam kar dain)

4. Baking soda 1 khanay ka chamach

5. Two eggs

– Oven ko 350 Fahrenheit mai heat karain

– andon ko achi tarah phentain, baking soda dalain aur mazeed mix karain

– adha cup olive oil dalain aur dobara mix karain

– honey add karain aur mix karain

– 2 cup extra virgin olive oil mix karan

– 2 cup akhrot mix karain

– aik thaal mai neechay aur sides par olive oil lagain aur thora sai akhrot ka ata lagain

– ooper mix kiay ajzaa ko thaal mai dalain pehlay sai garam oven mai

– 45 minutes tak oven mai rakahin. Phir usko nikal kai, cake kai beech mai knife marain. Agar knife oily aur clean bahir aye, tu akhrot ka cake tiyar hai.

Badamon ka cake:

Ap ooper dia gai procedure sai badaams ka cake bi tyaar kar saktay hain. Lekin uss say pehlay ye karna zarrori hai:

1. Badamon ko pehlay pani mai boil karain, jab tak ke unka chilka naram nai ho jata

2. Jab chilka naram ho jai tu nikal kar chilka utaar dain

3. Usskay bahd badamo ko aik tray mai rakh kar pehlay sai garam oven mai rakhain takay wo roast ho jain

4. phir unko nikal kar unka aata banain.

aur uss kai bahd wohi steps follow karain jo akhrot kai cake kai liey kian hain.


Can we eat yogurt?



Kuch cheezon ka khial rakhna zarori hai

1. Dhai har aik uc kai patient ko suit nai karta, chahe bilkul sahi kion na bana ho
2. Dhai ka dodh guaranteed pure ho
3. Dhai ko sahi Time kai liey sahi temperature par jamaya ho

this is how I used to prepare SCD specific yogurt when milk is 100% guaranteed to be pure with no formalin added, no injections to animal, and no water added

SCD Yogurt

For some specific milk source it worked really well by making yogurt in our traditional domestic ways, but for some other sources, it wasn’t much successful. I think the animal condition and salesman honesty really matters a lot. The other issue is that if still there is some amount of lactose is left, because of not having ideal temperature for fermentation, I.e., 105 F, it can be problematic

If dairy yogurt is not tolerating then make yogurt with either a nut milk or coconut milk

Following strains for yogurt are SCD legal

Streptococcus Thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and/or Lactobacillus casei. Also, the Saccharomyces Boulardii, Leuconostoc mesenteroides, Lactobacillus plantarum, Pediococcus pentosaceus, and Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Lactis

Custom Probiotics Formula One contains Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Lactobacillus acidophilus. It is also dairy-free.


What are nightshades?


Nightshades have a reputation as bad actors in a variety of chronic conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and IBS. But what do we really know about how these foods affect our health?

Meet the Nightshade (Solanaceae) Family:
Goji Berries
Peppers (bell peppers, chili peppers, paprika, tamales, tomatillos, pimentos, cayenne, etc)


Steroid kai sath ka supplements kahany chahiye?

Which supplements to eat if I am taking steroids?


aik boht important baat un bhaion ke liay jo steroids aur imuran lay rahay hain ke wo calcium zaroor use karain, warna osteoporosis, hadion ka purpura pan ho jata hai

SCD Diet kai mutabiq multivitamis ki following dose leni chahiye:


In Pakistan, the following vitamins type are SCD Legal:

Ye vitamins yahan sai milti hain:


Which lentils are legal?

SCD mai ham konsi dalain use kar saktay hain?


red, green and brown lentils are all legal, the red ones are easier to digest, I use them exclusively. I do soak overnight or 24 hours, pouring the water off often as it is very dirty, and then use.


Red, brown, and green lentils are all legal, though they do need to be soaked. So-called French Green Lentils have a very hard shell and are harder to digest.

the recipe is called RED LENTIL FLATBREAD

1 cup raw red lentils soaked over night or 24 hrs. then rinsed and drained
1/2 cup water
1 clove garlic
1/8 tsp baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cumin
you can add any other herbs you wish.

Mix all items and bake


Is it possible to use normal diet after using Scd diet for several years?


I have read stories of many people on BTVC-SCD yahoo group who are back on normal diet after getting cured from SCD. But pls note that this also varies from person to person, and the extent of UC a person may have, and the type of UC (autoimmune, bacterial, or amoeboic). The other habits also have a role to play, e.g., those who have sleep issues, or sleep less get more frequent flares
However, one thing is clear that if not completely heal, SCD definitely improves the quality of life of those who avidly follow itI want to add here that it is infact written in Breaking the Vicious Cycle book that if you strictly follow SCD, it takes 2 years in full recovery, and for Crohns, its 1 year


Pakistan mai gastroenterologists kaisay UC ko treat kartay hain?

How gastroenterologists treat UC in Pakistan?


Mainay Pakistan mai 4 top gastroenterologist sai checkup karwaya hai in 2014 and 2015, aur phir nahi karwaya, because inn sab nai pehlay tu yeh kaha, medical tests karwa kar, ke apko koi masla nai, phir mainay unko kaha ke mai normal food par ana chata hon, tu unhon nai antibiotics aur heavy medicines pakra di aur sath kaha, ab ap jo marzi khain, jis sai mainay agree nai kia kiyon ke mai steroids aur heavy medicine dose nai lena chata tha normal food ki khatir. Yeh doc mostly aisay hi kartay hain aur diet ka baray mai kuch nahi batatay, aur jab insan ki tabiyet aur ziada kharab ho jati hai tu aur ziada side effects wali medicines, like imuran, aur, deltacortil pakraa detay hain, aur kehtay hain haftay bhd phir aajain


. Actually, UC is a complicated disease and its treatment is a bit difficult than e.g., compared to stomach ulcers… so most docs have same level of knowledge about UC, no matter it is USA or Pak. None of those I met in both countries had any idea of role of diet.


how can we know what type of UC we have?? Autoimmune, bacterial etc?


To rule out parasites like C Diffile or bacterias, a doc may put a person initially on heavy antibiotics, which I also took at start when this disease attacked me. I was even given a cocktail of flagyl and some other antibiotic drug. If the body does not respond to antibiotics, then this is most probably non bacterial. However, the issue is that in some cases c diffilie type infections show resistance to antibiotics and become chronic. And they even may not be detected in a single stool tests, multiple stool tests would be required in this case. So in these special circumstances, SCD diet has little role to play. Same is the case with some amoebas that don’t respond to simple or tradional antibiotics, please see in google “amebic colitis”. If UC is primarily due to autoimmune disorder, it will show response to immunosuppressents, like delta cortil or imuran. As there is 1000 types of bacterial species in large intestine, it becomes difficult to single out the main culprits. One theory says that UC is triggered when a specific bacteria population crosses a specific threshold, which triggers the immune system to counter it, and then immune system confuses the colon’s epithelial cells with bad bacteria and start damaging it.


Scd pe reh kr kya hmra weight increse hoga ku k jo hmri body ko colries chye wo shyd scd pr reh kr pori na ho….ap apni raye pesh kreb


Will my weight increase while on SCD?



Jee waight increase hota hai, aur mera to pehlay walay normal sai 1 kg ziada hai. Dosra yeh kai apka stamina kafi set rehta hai due to low cholesterol. App kabi hiking waghera kar saktay hain aur sans bi ziada nai charhay ga

Weight does increase, as you don’t have a bad tummy, so you don’t lose too much energy in diarrhea, and that energy builds fat in your body


SCD par rehtay hoay wazan ziada karnay kai kuch tareeqay hain:

1. Aap desi ghee try karo. Jesa mainay pehlay bi likha yahan ke mainay kafi arsa desi ghee istimal kia jiss sai mera weight increase honay mai kafi help mili. Aik masla ye hai ke agar app ki tabiyet sahi nahi hai tu ziada fats wali cheez nuqsan dai sakti hai. Lekin jab aap behtar feel kar rahay ho, tu aap desi ghee istimal karo. Mai fried eggs desi ghee mai aur kaddo desi ghee mai pakkay hoay khata raha. Ye khiyal rakhana boht zarrori hai keh desi ghee 100% khalis ho aur reliable source sai ho.

2. Chicken sai bi ap apna weight increase kar saktay ho. Uskay liey aap chicken ko “skin” samait pakao. Kionke chicken ki skin mai kafi fats hoti hai. Goat meat aap fats samaet istimal karo, fats aap ka weight increase karain gi.

3. Coconul oil sai bi fats increase hoti hain, lekin limited quantity mai use karo.

4. Fruits mai jo fruit boht ziada fats increase karta hai, wo “Avacado” fruit hai. Ye fruit UC patients kai liey boht hi advantageous hai aur iss sai na sirf fats balke energy bi increase hoti hai.

Ooper batai tumam cheezon ki miqdar to shoro mai boht kam rakhain aur aahista aahista barhain takay aap ki body adopt ho jai.

Source: SCD Increase weight


Desi ghee kai baray mai ke konsa istimal karna chahiye internet par ye likha hai:

“It is depends upon which type of ghee an individual is consuming as Vanaspati and buffalo ghee increases the weight whereas Cow ghee supports the weight loss as it helps in digesting the harmful fats which increases the unnecessary weight gain and helps in weight loss. ghee provides the proteins,Proper levels of Vitamin K2 help to protect against tooth decay, supports proper growth, building the muscles and development of bones.”


sabzi konsi istimal karain


iss bemari mai, app in sabziaon mai sai koi bi khaa saktay ho, sab mai shifa ho gi
کددو ، توری ، گھیا توری ، کالی توری، ٹینڈا-in sabzion ka bananay ka tareeqa yahan likha hoa hai
UC in Urdu


banana kha saktay hain?


banana grey area mai aata hai. Ye ziadar tar logon ko problem deta hai, iss liye jitna aap avoid kar sako , issko avoid karain, khas tur par kharab tabiyet mai


apple kha saktay hain?


apple sai masla ziada ho ga, specially, gas and bloating.


UC mai SCD kai mutabiq kon kon sai fruits kha saktay hain?


ye ye fruit both dangerous hain:
tarbooz and aam, ye donon UC kai liey boht khatarnak hainkino aur maltay ka main, malta ziada safe hai, kino garbar kar sakta hai


green tea user kar saktay hain?


green tea comparatively safe hain, lekin mai iss liye use nahi karta hai, us kai ander weight reduce karnay ki properties hoti hain, aur agar UC mai weight lose ho jai tu increase karna zara mushkil hota hai

Green tea ki jaga “ginger tea” use karain, ya olive kai pataon ko ubal kar tea banain aur use karain.


Kon sai dry fruit khanay chahiyen?


dry fruit mai mongphali sab sai ziada dangerous hai
uss kai bahd kaju,sukhi khubani dangerous hoti hai, badam comparatively safe hotay, lekin badam ka chilka sahi nahi hota
tu aik best tareeqa ye hai, ke badaam ko geela rakhain, aur phir unka chilka utaar dain
akhroot sab sai safe hota hai
aur uss sai be safe, “pecan” hotai hain jo akhrot type hotay hainpecan is like akhrot, here is image


mujay kesay pata chalay ga keh ab meri condition kafi behtar ho gai hai


aap ko apni condition ka sirf ussi waqt hi pata chalta hai, jab ap deltacortil use na kar rahay ho. Main kafi aisa logon ka janta ho jo kehta hai ke ham kafi cheezain normal diet wali use kartay hai. Lekin wo sath 5 mg deltra cortril bi use kar rahay hotay hai. Aur sab sai ziada khatray wali baat yehi hai ke deltacortril ka prolong use boht dangerous hota hai. Agar mai kal sai apni iss condition mai 5 mg deltacortril start kar don, tu mai bi roti aur chawal khaa sakon ga


kia mai delta cortril chor don?


aik dam sai na chorna, proper tapper karna, jesa doc nai bola. Aik dam chorna boht khatarnak hota hai


koi website jiss par SCD kai tareeqay kai kafi khanay hon?


aik ye website bi hai jiss par SCD sai related kafi achi food related information hai:



Rice recommended hain ya nai? Boil ya tarky waly


agar SCD kai point of view sai pochain tu SCD diet mai na wheat na rice allowed hain, kionke ye dono UC ko kharab karti hain


What is Best time to take mascol in a day


normally, ye kaha jata hai ke masacol etc ya khanay sai aik ghanta pehlay, ya 2 ghantay bahd leni chahiye


Pentasa khanay sai phly li jati h?


pentasa kai drug literature mai likha hai ke khanay kai sath len, lekin ye medicines ziada effective us waqt hoti hai, jab ye khali colon par jain


Pentasa, asacol, mesacol, ye sab kaisay kaam karti hain?


pentasa, asacol, mesacol, delzicol, liada. Ye sari 1st generation medinces hain. Inn ko “slow release” medicines bi kehtay hai. In medinces ki property ye hoti hai ke ye sirf aik khas “PH” Scale par apna asar karti hai. PH scale “acidity” ko reprsent karta hai. Tu stomach mai wo PH scale nai hota jiss par ye medicines apna asar karti hai, lekin “colon” mai wo PH Scale value hoti hai. Iss liey ye sirf wahan ja kar apna kaam karti hai. Let ye baat hai ke stomach acid sai inn ka asar kafi kam ho jata hai
doosra yeh hai keh, jo bi medicines ham use kartay hain, wo liver wo liver mai bi pass hoti hain, aur kidneys mai bi
wo tumam log jo pentasa, asacol, mesacol, etc ki heavy dose use kar rahay hain, unkay liey ye boht zarrori hai ke har 3 months bahd apna kidneys test karwain.ye wo saray saftey precautions hain jo USA mai ziada follow kiye jata hain, jo hamaray doc aksar nai batatayJin logo ko “1st generation” medicines asar nai kartin, tu on ko “biologics” di jati hai, jo next level medicines hainaik example Imuran hain. Basically, Imuran un logon ko di jati hai jo kidneys transplant karatay hai, takay unki body kidneys ko reject na kar dain, Tu Imuran ka main maqsad Immune systme to suppress karna hota hai, lekin imuran kai side effects ziada sever hotay hai
ab problem hamaray mulk mai ye hai, ke doc sb, patient ko diet mai control par sahi guide nahi kartay. Jab patient dobara doc sb kai pass jatay hain, tu wo un ko next level medicines like Imuran and steroids pakra detay hain, aur ye cycle chalta rehta hai


steroids like delta cortril ya prednison kinay arsay kai liey leni chahiye?


ye condition to condition vary kar sakta hai. Agar condition ziada severe hai tu phir steroids ki longer duration dose di jati hai. Jaisay meray case mai start mai mujay steroid recommend hoi wo ye thi:
40 mg for 5 days
20 mg for next 5 days
10 mg for next 5 days
5 mg for next 5 days
2.5 mg for next 5 daysLekin meri condition mai, jab mai 10 mg par poncha, tu meray saray symptoms phir wapis aa gai. Jab mai dobara doc kai pass gia tu usnay ye steroid dose di (prednisone)40 mg for 7 days
35 mg for 7 days
30 mg for 7 days
25 mg for 7 days
20 mg for 7 days
15 mg for 7 days
10 mg for 7 days
5 mg for 7 days
2.5 mg for 7 daysye aik boht lamba arsa ki dose thi aur iss sai meri eyesight severely effect hoi thi. Iss kai alawa insan aur bemarion kai attack kai risk par rehta hai kionke immune system shut down hoa hota hai. Wo bemari bi insaan ko ho sakti hai jiss kai bachpan mai hifazati teekay lagay hotay hain. Iss liye steroids ka long term use, normal halaat mai, nai hona chahiye. Issi liey issay “Life Saving Drug” kaha jata hai, yahi, sirf us waqt li jai jab zindagi ko khatra ho


konsa olive oil use karna chahiye?


Koi bi imported extra virgin olive oil theek hota hai. Ziada behtar hai ke Borges company ka mil jai

Geniuine Extra virgin Olive kai kuch features hotay hain

1. Color dark green ya bright green hona chahiye

2. Ooper cold pressed ya cold extraction likha hona chahiye

3. Aik saal sai ziada shelf par na para hona chahiye

Source: Info about olive oils


Meri disease kai start sai pehlay 1 year tak mai sirf extra vrigin oil mai cooked cheezen use karta tha. Ab seasons canola oil use hota hai


Borges olive oil ki bottle aisi hoti hai:


Mashroom kha saktay hain?


mushrooms are allowed aur wo proteins ki requirement pori karti hain


Olive oil kai advantages kia hain?


1. extra virgin olive oil kai side effect koi nai hai
2. iss mai Oleuropein hoti jiss mai anti-inflammatory properties hoti hain, means ye aant kai ander ki redness ko kam karti hai, jiss stay bleeding or motions stop honay mai help milti hai. Aur ye cheeze proper tests sai prove ki jaa chuki hai unlike most homeopathic medicines jo mostly hit and trial hoti hai.Olive Oil aik boht hi achi homeopatheic remedy hai:Mazeed faiday ye hain:”5. Oleuropein and Health
Oleuropein has several pharmacological properties (Fig. 4), including antioxidant [2], anti-inflammatory [36], anti-atherogenic [37], anti-cancer [38], antimicrobial [39], and antiviral [40], and for these reasons, it is commercially available as food supplement in Mediterranean countries. In addition, oleuropein has been shown to be cardioprotective against acute adriamycin cardiotoxicity [41] and has been shown to exhibit anti-ischemic and hypolipidemic activities [42].

Olive Leaf benefits

The main phenolic compounds, hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, give extra-virgin olive oil its bitter, pungent taste.”


Honey konsa user karna chahiye?

Which honey tu use?


In Pakistan the best honey you can use for UC is lagnesePakistan mai lagnese honey best hai UC kai liey


Hamain kesay pata chalay ga ke flani cheez hamaray UC kai liey sahi hai ke nahi?


Simple formula yeh hai, har wo cheez jo ap remission mai kafi arsa khaa sakain aur wo gradually apki tabiyet kharab na kar rahi ho, aur ap minimum dose lai rahay hon without steroid, tu woh safe hai. In SCD diet, corn, wheat, rice allowed nahi hai


Kia UC mai fish user kar saktay hain?


fish is in grey area. In my case, har 5 mai sai 3 baar ye mujay masla karti hai


What is flare?
Flare kai baray mai batain?


flare aik peroidic cheez hai jo hona hi hona hai no matter aap jitnay marzi care karain. Important baat ye hai ke jab ho jai, uss waqt usko kaisay control kia jai ke wo ziada lamba na ho. Wahan par diet ka major role hai.

aik boht impotant cheez hai jo hamain understand karni chahiye. Jab aap ko flare ho, tu aap forun scd par aa jain, aur kuch din wait karain. Don’t immediately jump on steroids.

Mainay 5 years mai kabi dobara steroid nai khai, no matter kis level ka flare hoa ho, kionke mai forun strict SCD par aa jata hon, jiss sai, bleeding tak nobat nai aati, aur na hi steroids khani parti hai.



Kia anar kai chilka ka powder user karnay sai faida hota hai?
Is using pomegranate peel powder beneficial?



Mainay apni website par jinn lady ki story share ki thi ke unko UC tha aur unno nai pomegranate peel powder use kia tu un ka UC khatam ho gia.

Ag mainay unki dobara updates li hain aur pata chala ke un ko ab bi on off symptoms hotay hain. Yehi mainay aik aur patient kai case mai dekha kai pomegranate use karnay kai bahd jo unki UC theek hoa, wo kai years kai bahd dobara ho gia.

Iss sai ye sabit hota hai ke pomegranate peel powder koi final solution nai hai UC kai liey aur ye har ek par effect bi nai karta, balkay ho sakta hai ulta react kar jai.

Iss liey kharab symptoms mai ziada behtar yehi hai ke sahi medicines aur sahi diet use ki jain aur peel powder ko avoid hi karain.

Dosra har ek ki UC ka severity mukhtalif hoti hai, iss liey zarori nai hai keh har aik ke ooper har homeopathic medicine chalay.

Finally, homeopathic medicines kai koi clinical trials nai hotay. Jab allopathic medicines banti hain tu woh pehlay rats, rabbits, etc par test hoti hain, aur uss kai bahd humans par unkay trials hotay hain. Iss liey most cases mai unkai side effects known hotay hain. Homeopathic doctors yehi keh kar patients ko satisfy kartay hain ke inkay side effects koi nahi, jis ki waja ye hoti hai, ke unkai side effects known hi nahi hotay, kionke unkai clinical trials hi nahi hotay.


Agar ham theek ho jain tu ke medicine chor daini chahiye?

Kia exercise sai insaan mukamal theek ho sakta hai?


har aik ki body chemistry different hoti hai, tu sirf exercise karnay sai ye zaroori nai ke aap normal diet par waapis aa jain. Aap jab minimum dose par hon, aur without steroids hon, tu aap exercise zaroor karain, aur non SCD cheezen bi sath try kar ke dekh lain, takay ye rule out kia jaa sakay ke sirf exercise sai aap wapis roti ya baqi cheezen tolerate kar paa rahay ho ke nahi. But, heavy exercise ko avoid karain jab app high dose of medicine par ho, especially with steroids kionke apka BP abnormal ho sakta hai.

Agar ap UC medicines ko bilkul chor do gai, tu its a bit risky,  Kuch complications hoti hain, jin ko UC ki medicine honay sai bachati hai, e.g., fistula. Ye complications hoti hain, colon kai ander inflammation sai, jo shayad app ko mehsoos bi na ho rahi ho, ya aap ki symptoms bi normal ho, lekin kionke aap ko UC hai, tu wo hidden inflammation wahan hai. Jab aap UC ki medicines use kartay ho, e.g., pentasa, lialda, meslazine (pentasa, mesacole), mesalamine, 5-amino sylicate, etc, tu aap ki inflammation under control rehti hai aur apki complications kai chances bi kam ho jatay hai. Scientific research sai ye prove ho chuka hai ke jo log UC mai medicines regularly use nai kartay, wo at higher risk of colon cancer hotay hain. Aur, ye bi aik khatray ki baat hai, ke jo prolonged dose of steroids par rehtay hain, wo unko bi cancer ka risk ziada hota hai. Neechay mai kuch scientific studies kai link bi share karon ga. Lekin iska ye matlab nahi ke jo log regular medicines use kar rahay hain, unko colon cancer nahi ho sakta… unko bi ho sakta hai, par risk kam ho ga. Tu conclusion ye hai ke exercise boht zaroori hai, lekin sath medicine bi. Of course, UC mai koi bi cheez one size fit all nahi hai, har aik bi body mukhtalif react karti hai. Lekin ya sabit zaroor hai ke SCD diet mai boht si cheezain boht sai log jo UC kai patient hain, tolerate kar saktay hain.

May Allah keep us all healthy, and safe from cancer:

Ye wo links hain jin mai research batati hai ke medicines chornay sai colon cancer ka risk ziada ho jata hai:

Colo-rectal cancer risk 1

Colo-rectal cancer risk 2

NOTE: Kuch cases mai exercise sai bi flare ho sakta hai. Read this link:
Please read info on this link:

Exercise related inflammation


Dhai, akhrot, badam, khajoor  kai baray mai batain?


badam advanced level food hai. Issko ussi waqt use karna chahiye jab symptoms control mai hon. Dosra, jo cheez masla karti hai, wo badaams ka chilka hota hai. Iss liey SCD diet humain ye kehti hai ke pehlay badamon ko pani mai soak karain ya ubalain jis sai unka chilka naram ho jai ke utara ja sakay. Uss kai bahd unko bake karain, or phir apni dishes mai istimal karain. Agar waisay khanay hain tu boht kam quantities main khain, magar peechay batai procedure kai bhad hi.

Dahi mai aik protein hoti hai jo har UC patient par sahi nahi chalti. Us protein ka naam “casein” protein hota hai. Ye protien sirf dairy products mai hoty hai. Agar dairy dhai tolerate na ho raha ho, tu uska alternate hai ke almond milk ka dhai banaya jai. Us mai ye protein nai pai jati.

khajor mai sugar content hota hai, iss liey ye boht ziada nai use karni chahiye aur sirf advance level par hi try karni chahiye. Again, har ek ko har khajoor ki variety suit nahi karti, iss liey bhot thori quantity mai bari bari har aik variety ko test karain.

Akhrot comparatively kafi safe hai. Issliey isko use karnay sai pehlay pani mai bhagonay ki zarrorat bi nahi parti. Lekin, again, daily use karnay ki quantity kam rakhain, aur start mai thori quantity sai start lain takay body used to ho jai.


What is colitis?
Colitis kis ko kehtay hain?


Colitis refers to inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. There are numerous causes of colitis including infection, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), ischemic colitis, allergic reactions, and microscopic colitis. Symptoms of colitis depend upon the cause and may include.


Colitis large intestine ki inner surface ki inflammation (sozish) ko kehtay hai. Sozih ka matlab hai kisi jaga ka red ho jana aur wahan chotay chotay microscopic ulcers ka ban jana. Colitis kai honai ki kahi wajohaat ho sakti hain, jin mai infection, Inflammatory Bowl Disease (sozish zada bari aant ki bemari) maslan, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), ischemaic colitis, allergy, aur microscopic colitis shamil hain. Colitis kai symptoms iss cheez par depend kartay hain ke uss kai honay ki waja kia he.


Are homeopathic medicines effective?


All those interested in homeopathy should read this informative article:

Homeopathy Info

A paragraph from the above article:

“What the Science Says About the Effectiveness of Homeopathy
A 2015 comprehensive assessment of evidence by the Australian government’s National Health and Medical Research Council concluded that there is no reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective for any health condition.

Homeopathy is a controversial topic. A number of its key concepts don’t agree with fundamental scientific concepts. For example, it’s not possible to explain in scientific terms how a product containing little or no active ingredient can have any effect. This, in turn, creates major challenges to rigorous clinical investigation of such products. For example, researchers cannot confirm that an extremely dilute mixture contains what is listed on the label; nor have they been able to develop objective measures that show effects of extremely dilute products in the human body.

Another research challenge is that homeopathic treatments are highly individualized, and there is no uniform prescribing standard for homeopathic practitioners. There are hundreds of different homeopathic remedies, which can be prescribed in a variety of different dilutions for thousands of symptoms.”


Kia surgery karwani chahiye?

Kia surgery karwa kar large intestine ko nikwa dena chahiye?

Can surgery be used as an option to remove the colon, and thus get symptom free?


Surgery karnwanay kai baray mai discussions ho rahi hain. Surgery bilkul last option hoti hai, keh agar kisi ko cancer diagnose ho gia hai jo treat nai ho sakta tu wo surgery karwa kar ostomy bag lagwata hai.

Ostomy bag ki sath kafi complications ho jati hai. Aik tu insaan hamesha kai liey handicap/mazor ho jata hai. Dosra masla yeh hai keh ostomy bag kai hamesha leak honay ka khatra hota hai kionke ussay stomach kai sath tight chipkaya jata hai, lekin wo wahan sai hat bi sakta hai aur stool saray kapray kharab kar sakta hai. Dosra bara masla ye hai ke, jiss jaga par ostomy bag ko chipkaya jata hai, wahan fungal and bacteria infections honay ka kafi khatra rehta hai. Neechay kuch tasweerain share hain ostomy infections ki.

Proper medicine aur sath SCD Diet wahid wo ilaj hai jiss sai ostomy bag sai bacha jaa sakta hai. Research sai prove ho chuka hai ke agar red meat kam use kia jai and rozana extra virgin olive oil use kia jai tu cancer honay kai chances boht kam ho jatay hain. Rozana 30 minutes ki walk sai remission duration kafi increase ho jati hai.

Proper medicine, proper sleep (at least 7 hours daily), proper diet, proper exercise, and daily 5 waqt ki namaz aur sath tarjamay kai sath Quran e Pak ki tilawat, and din kai auqat mai Allah ki tasbeeh aur zikar …. Ye woh rasta hai jo aik insaan ko kafi ziada arsa remission mai rakhta hai aur medicine dependency bi boht kam ho jati hai. Iss bemari mai insaan ko kafi samajdari sai kam lena parta hai aur diet kai rule bo intihai strictly follow karna parta hai. Kafi cheezen refuse karni parti hain. Kafi sabar aur bardash sai kam karna parta hai. Agar ap aik time badparhezi karo gai tu ye apki 1 haftay mehnat ko zaia kar de ga. Aur aik boht important baat kai har insaan ko SCD diet ki har cheez tolerate nai hoti. Iss liey apnay pass aik copy/pen rakahin aur note karain ke jo cheez khai hai uss sai kia reaction hoa hai aur aik waqt mai sirf aik cheez hi try karain, aik sai ziada cheezen khain ge tu yeh janna mushkil ho ga ke ziada cheezon mai sai kis cheez nai react kia hai.

Surgery karwany kai bahd bi aik insan normal diet par nai aa sakta, ussay special diet hi use karni parti hai.


What are die off symptoms?


Jab koi SCD diet start karta hai, tu bari aant kai andar bad bacteria ko food supply band ho jati hai. Jab usko food sahi nai ponchta tu wo aahista aahista marnay lagta hai, tu wo brain ko strong signal bhejta hai ke uski khoraq bheji jai (gandum, makai, chawal, cheeni, etc ki soorat mai).

Lekin agar koi apnay ooper control rakhay tu phir aik waqt aata hai ke kafi ziada tadaat mai bad bacteria marnay lagta hai. Tu har aik bacteria ka cell marnay sai pehlay aik suicide bomber ki tarah zehar (toxin) release karta hai. Jab kafi bari tadaat mai bad bacterias marnay lagtay hain tu kafi ziada toxins release hotay hain. Tu iss taadaat mai bateria kai die honay sai aik banday ko “die off” symptoms honay lagta hai. “Die off” symptoms mai hamaray UC kai symptoms kuch arsay kai liey kharab ho jatai hain, jiss mai joron ka dard, thakawat, gas, mucus, etc hota hai. Iss tarah ki kefiat ka matlab hota hai ke ab SCD diet apna asar karnay shoro ho gai hai, aur kafi ziada tadaat mai bad bacteria jism sia saaf hona shoro ho gia hai. Iss doran “Epsom salt” sai ghusal karna chahiye takay “detoxification” yani zehar sai jaldi chutkara paya jaa sakay.

Neechay tasweer mai “die off” ko explain kia gia hai.

Click here for Die off symptoms
Die-off symptoms image

Epsom salt bath lena ka tariqa:
Epsom Salt Relaxation Bath
To prepare the bath, fill a tub with warm water and mix in the following:
1/2 to 1 cup* of Epsom salt* (without added scents or coloring)
(A similar mixture for adults would use 2 cups of Epsom salt.)
1/2 cup of baking soda
1 drop of lavender essential oil (optional)


Where I can find lot of information about SCD Diet?

SCD diet kai baray mai mujay mazeed malomat kahan sai mil sakti hain?



Ye kuch links hain jo ke UC and SCD diet kai baray mai useful hain:

1. Hamaray whatsapp group par ab tak pochay gai UC aur diet kai baray mai sawalat aur un kai jawabaat. Yahan apko 95% sawalat kai jawabat mil jain ke jo ap kai mind main hon.

2. Agar aap ko SCD diet kai baray mai ziada nahi pata aur ye keh SCD diet kaisay UC ko theek karti hai, tu ap sab sai pehlay ye video dekhain:
Watch video about UC in Urdu

3. If you can read simple English, you must read my story of Ulcerative Colitis on this Page, so that you understand how you can get yourself out of UC using SCD:
My story of UC

4. Ulcerative colitis kai baray mai Urdu mai maloomat aur khana pakanay kai tareeqay:
UC details in URDU

5. Ulcerative colitis kai liey SCD diet kai mukhtalif menus:
SCD Diet Recipes in URDU

6. UC mai kis stage mai kia cheez try karni chahiye:
UC SCD Diet Chart

7. SCD diet ka official yahoo group jahan SCD diet kai experts salon sai SCD diet use kar rahay hain:
SCD Yahoo Group

aur finally
8. SCD diet mai kia cheez legal hai aur kia legal nai hai khanay mai:
Legal/Illegal Items List

Akhir mai aap sai aik request. Jab bi aap koi aisi cheez iss group par recommend karna chahain jo aap use kartay hon aur uss sai aap ko benefit ho raha ho, tu sab sai pehlay usko SCD ki legal / illegal diet list mai zaroor check karain. Agar wo wahan legal list mai mentioned hai tu sirf tab hi yahan share karain, otherwise, usko yaha share mat karain. Hum yaha sirf SCD Diet ko promote kartay hain jo safe hai. Ho sakta hai, jo non-SCD cheez ap par chalay wo kisi aur par nah chalay.

Iss kai alawa aap ka jo bi question ho SCD diet kai use kai baray mai, you are most welcome to ask on our whatsapp group. SCD Diet Whatsapp Group

Jazakallah Kher

Dr. Osman



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