Android Programming

Android Programs

1 – BASICS This program creates a very basic application in android studio This program creates a basic application in android studio A program on how we can use Toast class in android A simple counter app in android with design and new activity calling. A simple android application in which a new activity is also created and passed with some data. The program also introduces how to use designs android.
2 – CALLING RESOURCES DYNAMICALLY This application introduces how we can use resources in android studio
Fire,Woods,Water Game in Android A fire, woods, water game in android. Two player game, user vs computer, using images and other items.
Snakes and Ladders Game A snake and ladders game with basic movement logic implement, but without the  rise, and fall logic.
3 – BROADCAST RECEIVER A complete application on using BroadcastReceiver class in how to send a system defined broadcast and a user’s custom generated broadcast
4 – LIST VIEW CONTROL A program on how we can use a list view on our application An example of list view in which the order of the rows will not change as we are using SortedHashMap 25-Oct-18 14:14:33.28
5 – SPINNER CONTROL A program on how we can use spinner control (drop down) in our application
6 – CONFIRMATION DIALOG A program on how we use a confirmation dialog in
7 – FRAGMENTS A program on how we can use fragments in android application 19-Oct-18 14:47:26.25
Final Database Application A complete database application with android and SQLite, and also using fragments A program on how we can create a database application in android
9 – SHARED PREFERENCES A program on how we can save small data in phone using shared preferences
10 – CREATING A WEB VIEW A program on how we can create a web view of an online web application
11 – DRAGDROP EXAMPLES A simple drag and drop application in android A simple application of drag drop from one frame to other. A program on how we can perform drag drop in android application
12 – ANIMATION EXAMPLE A simple animation example in android
13 – EXPLICIT INTENTS A program on how we can use different types of Intents in our application
14 – SENDING SMS A program to send an sms Sending an sms in android
15 – GPS RELATED OPERATIONS A service to show GPS on intervals A program to get GPS location A program on creating service to collect GPS A program to sms the location of GPS A program on how we can create a service to output our GPS coordinates. To send our GPS coordinates on a given phone number, and send a reply message of GPS coordinates to an incoming message
16 – CONNECTING ANDROID WITH PHP A program on how we can create a PHP connection with our android application