My Covid-19 Updates


I got up early in the morning. My energy level was fine. The day went quite busy. I got my father discharged from hospital where he was admitted for being covid +ve. Then, I went to the market to buy some stuff, almost remained busy whole day walking and travelling.

I started feeling fatigue and body pains at sunset. As the darkness fell, I was having mild fever. I took 1 panadol before going to bed. I was also feeling mild irritation in throat that I thought was probably due to drinking cold water the day before. It took me a while to get sleep as my fever got down too slow and there was general unrest in the body.


I got up in the morning with pain in body and fever. It was suspected covid symptom. I took two panadols. It was difficult to eat breakfast and I was having a feeling of vomit. Then, I thought to begin the homeopathic treatment. So I took NAJA TRIP 1 M, 5 drops in small quantity of water. My condition improved a bit in 30 minutes and my appetite was restored. I took 2 panadols at noon and 2 panadols at night to keep the fever in control. Also I got myself tested for covid through chugtai labs. Their representative came home and took swab sample from nose. Also I began taking the multivitamin Surbex Z in addition to my ulcerative colitis medicines. One thing I experienced was my bathroom visit frequency was increasing. So to keep things in control, I took entrogermina + gutcare. Also I increased the UC pentas dose from 1+2 to 1+1+2 so that flare can be prevented.


I again got up in fever, and took 2 panadols. My sore throat had increased than before. The fever did not rise again at afternoon, so I skipped the panadol dose. However, at sunset the fever was back again so took 2 panadols again before dinner. Also, I got the message from labs that my covid test came positive. I took the next dose of homeopathic medicine: CHINA 1M, 5 drops with little quantity of water. I tried to manage the sore throat with Olive leaves tea, and by chewing fresh olive fruits picked from tree. So far did not start any antibiotic due to my ulcerative colitis issues. Multivitamin Surbex Z is continued. I decided to take a bath and found out that my shoulder and chest is partially covered in red rash.


The morning was pleasant, energy was full, and there was no fever. Still at breakfast time, I took 2 panadols. I took the next dose of homeopathic treatment that is ACONITE 30 and BELLADON 30, 5 drops of each fixed in small quantities of water for three times a day. I took some pieces of olive leaves, olive fruits, and ginger and made their tea and drank in sips. The sore throat is there but it is not increasing not decreasing, and so far controllable. At day time I took one panadol and one panadol I took at night.


There was no fever in the morning and that stayed like that till sunset. At sunset I started feeling low grade fever, so I took two panadols. However, today is the first day I experienced very bad pain in throat. I did salt gargles etc. However, the throat pain is too much and it is becoming very difficult to eat or drink anything.


Got up at morning with a feeling of low grade fever. Took 2 panadols. Throat pain was getting unbearable and happened mostly when I took liquid or water. With much difficulty did the breakfast due to throat pain. Later, on someone’s advice I borrowed a Solophar Mouth and Throat Spray. I started using the Spray. There was fever at sunset and later at night.


There is no fever in the morning. I am regularly using the Solophar spray with a hope to reduce some throat pain. At lunch time, I felt like the sore throat has shifted towards right. At dinner time, the sore throat was comparatively less.


In the morning, there was no fever. The throat pain has started to reduce. The lunch was easy as throat pain had reduced significantly. Started feeling low grade fever in the afternoon. Took to panadols.


There was no fever in the morning. After breakfast the fatigue attack started. Had to lie down for couple of hours to get some energy. The rest of the day went fine. Throat pain has disappeared completely with the blessings of Allah Almighty and eating has resumed.


Whole day passed symptom free. No fever, no pains, Alhamdolillah. Looks like my recovery process has speed up.


Got my second test reports and covid came negative. All praise due to Allah Almighty.