How to file a tax return online

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Open Declarations -> Returns / Statements (Original) -> Salary Returns for Individuals Classic View.

1. This will open 114(1) form. Add year, and click on select, this will select the date ranges.

2. (i) Go to Employment -> Salary -> Pay, Wages or Other Remuneration (including Arrears of Salary)
(ii) Now open the tax statements sent by accounts department.
(iii) Under the column name: Value/ Amount on which tax collectable or deductable, copy the total amount of salary and paste in above (2(i)). (Note: basically we are inserting our annual salary in 2(i).

3. Go to: Tax Chargeable / Payments -> Adjustable Tax – Salary of Employees u/s 149. Insert here the yearly tax paid. We get this amount under column “Amount of Tax Deposited” from the document sent by accounts department.

4. The following step will be performed for teachers who have tax rebate of 25%.

Go to: Tax Chargeable / Payments -> Computations -> Normal Income Tax (Code 920000). Copy amount from this cell, and multiply with 0.25 (Means teachers are getting 25% rebate). Now paste the resultant amount in Tax Chargeable / Payments -> Tax Reductions -> Tax Reduction for full time teacher (CODE 9302), paste there and click on calculate

5. Go to: Tax Chargeable / Payments -> Computations. If there is some amount showing against Admitted Income Tax 9203, then it is important to make this amount zero (or disappear) as otherwise this will be the tax you’ll have to pay. To adjust (reduce) this amount, go to Tax Chargeable / Payments -> Adjustable Tax. Here, insert all the taxes you paid during the financial year. These taxes include payments made on PTCL, Mobile Service provide, any registration/ token tax paid vehicles, and any other form of withholding tax paid etc. NOTE: If by inserting the above withholding taxes, the Admitted Income Tax (9203) amount disappears and the amount is appearing against “Refundable Income Tax” (9210), this is the amount that FBR has to refund it to you. Visit FBR office with all the documentary evidence to claim that amount.

6. Finally open 116-Wealth Statement and click on Net Assets

7. Click on “Import Previous Return” button to import assets information of previous year.

8. Go to 116 – Wealth Statement -> Personal Expenses. Add the expenses of current year. This will show a positive unreconciled amount in “Reconciliation of Net Assets”. If we add the same amount that of Step 6, in “Others” of “Reconciliation of Net Assets” then this will make the Unreconciled Amount equal zero.

NOTE: If we increase the amounts in “Personal Assets / Liabilities”, this will also make a positive increase in unreconciled amount, which can be adjusted by inserting amount in “Others” of “Reconciliation of Net Assets”.

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