Sajjikot Waterfall

Sajjikot Waterfall is located at the west of Havelian.

Google Map Location:

It is a beautiful place, and has 3 natural pools of water.

The best route to Sajjikot waterfall is from Havelian. The other route is from Nathiagali which is also not bad, but affected at many places due to landslides.

Many deaths occurred in Sajjikot Waterfall as people often under estimate the depth of the water pool created due to waterfall. Moreover, there are possible stones at the bottom of water that can cause serious injuries. The water is not pure, and there are huge deposits of fungus and algae in water. Usually, in such waters, the brain eating amoeba also exists, so DO NOT ENTER IN WATER.

Here are some snapshots and videos of Sajjikot Waterfall.


A video on watefall

Another video:

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