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  Introduction to Databases and SQL
NOTE: Most of the contents presented on this page are taken from book "Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days" by Sams Publishing. The content presented here is just for educational purpose.  


An Easy and Complete tutorial on SQL and Databases

Introduction to SQL - Introduction to the Query: The SELECT Statement - Expressions, Conditions, and Operators - Functions - Clauses in SQL - Joining Tables - Subqueries: The Embedded SELECT Statement - Manipulating Data - Creating and Maintaining Tables - Creating Views and Indexes - Controlling Transactions - Using SQL to Generate SQL Statements - PL/SQL: An Introduction - Transact-SQL: An Introduction - SQL*Plus

Database Backup and FTP Script for MySQL and MS SQL Server databases

This is a small application that is very useful in performing the automatic backups for MySQL server databases. The application first makes the backup of mysql database, then it compresses the database using ZipGenius, and after compression, it FTPs the database to a backup server. The same script can be modified a little to perform backup of Microsoft SQL Server.

A database Create and Select Query

In the below query we are performing two tasks in one query, first creating a table that would be having the same structure to that of ask_account_duplicate table (automatically). And then inserting all the data of ask_account_duplicate table in ask_account_duplicate_orig

MySQL Backup and Restore through Command Line

How to Manually Backup and Restore MySQL database through Command Line

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