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  How to learn website development?


To begin learning website development follow these steps:

On these links you'll find handful of sample programs and examples on a number of programming languages.

A complete example application developed in PHP, MySQL (and HTML, CSS, Javascript)

Some online tutorials:

For example, to see some stuff about PHP you can see this link:

Remember, there are three most critical and important courses that can make you the best expert of computer science:

(a) C/C++ programming basics, and PHP, ASP.NET, (b) databases (MySQL, and MS SQL), and (c) data structures (how arrays, lists, etc work).

Here are the websites that you can join to earn by making freelance applications;

Some of the best programming tutorials:

The best website for online tutorials of HTML, PHP, MYSQL is

Another good website, providing getting started on PHP:

The following is lists of other websites to learn various technologies:






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