Your story of UC, IBS, IBD – Part 1

Please share your story of ulcerative colitis, IBS, IBD, etc.
Please mention the following things of your story to make it helpful for other readers:
How you got this disease, how it was diagnosed, what medicines you used, did your doctor tell about the role of diet, have you tried any diet control, have you tried SCD diet, how you came to know about SCD diet, how strict you are following SCD, and finally what you do in flares.


Neechay apnai UC, IBS, IBD ki kahani share karain takay baki parhanay walon ko bi faida ho. Apko kia bemari hai aur kesay hoi, ye kesay pata chala keh apko kia bemari hai, apnai kon kon si medicines li, apkai doc nai apko diet control ka bataya? apnai khud diet control kia? apko diet control ka kesay pata chala? kia apnai SCD diet start ki? ap SCD diet ko kitna strictly istimal kartay hain, aur jab apko flare hota hai tu kia kartay/karti hain?

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